FL Studio for Mac doesn't see the MidiInput created with JUCE


I’ve got a very basic app where I create a MidiInput in the initialise() like so:

m_temp = MidiInput::createNewDevice("thisisatest", this);

m_temp being of course a ScopedPointer<MidiInput>, and this being my application class, inheriting from MidiInputCallback.

Now when I run the test app, then FL Studio for mac, it doesn’t get listed properly in the “Output” section. I can see the test IAC port I created in osx’ “Audio MIDI Setup”:

But my juce port only appears like “Failed accessing device”:

Anyone ever experienced this issue?

Are you on the newest develop of JUCE? There was an issue with this a while back where JUCE did not set the unique id of the port correctly.

Can you set a breakpoint at this line. Check if everything is being set correctly. If yes, then try commenting out the following line. I vaguely remember that there are some hosts which do not like you having this line.

Hi Fabian,

I’m not on the develop branch but on the last 5.3.2 release.

Actually, I was the one asking for the addition of the unique id part following the recommendations of presonus. :slight_smile:
So I did test commenting it out and it does not change how the port is recognized in FL Studio.

I found a workaround though, as it appears the port is recognized if I create a corresponding Output port with the same name!.. I now have to test if it works properly.

So, the workaround allows to detect the port, but not send anything to it. The Midi monitor app doesn’t get any messages from my test port, whereas I can get messages if I use an IAC port in the same configuration.
But IAC ports are bidirectional ports it seems. Is there something in the CoreMidi SDK to create bidirectional ports that would work in that case?

Is this only an issue in FL Studio? If yes, then I’ll try to contact one of their devs to see why their app has this behaviour.

All I can say is that I haven’t had any issues with Live, Maschine, Studio One and Logic Pro. I haven’t tested the other DAWs on mac yet.

OK I’ve got in touch with FL Studio and I’ll let you know how they respond.

Just an update: ImageLine have fixed the bug and it will be available in the next release of FL Studio.

Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile: