Aaaagh my eyes.

Is this mandated in the Apple UI Jules? It makes a huge white flash on all screens (even those without a menu bar). Even, God bless, in Apple’s kiosk mode with the menu hidden.

I can see the point, but there’s times where it’s really not cool. Could we make it a choice somehow? Or disable it?

Maybe a parameter in setMacMainMenu passed onwards?



I didn’t know it could flash the screen - it’s just supposed to highlight the menu item you chose. Is the flash is something that it does when the menu is hidden?


Maybe. Sorry, I can’t test right now, and I have the flash commented out in my juce lib. I am in Kiosk mode, so that’s a good guess.

Seemed smart to someone at Apple.



Well I guess it needs to only call the function when not in kiosk mode. I want to add proper support for kiosk mode soon, so will look into this more when I do that.


Jules - a clue on this. It seems that a menu value of 0 means flash the whole screen, so if I trigger a command that’s not in a menu, wouldn’t it fire then?

How about this?

[code] void menuCommandInvoked (MenuBarModel*, const ApplicationCommandTarget::InvocationInfo& info)
MenuRef menu = 0;
MenuItemIndex index = 0;
GetIndMenuItemWithCommandID (0, info.commandID, 1, &menu, &index);

	if (menu)
		FlashMenuBar (GetMenuID (menu));
		FlashMenuBar (GetMenuID (menu));




Ah - that sounds very sensible!