Font styles not recognized in Juce Demo


When multiple styles of a font are installed in the system, Juce doesn’t recognize them when they are enumerated. They show up, but the actual glyphs are from the regular version of the font. This screenshot shows what Juce Demo sees, and behind it is the Windows Fonts control panel item that shows how the fonts should appear. The problem font is “Helvetica Neue”:



Actually based on that screen shot, I don’t think those Helvetica fonts are working at all, I think you are just looking at Arial glyphs.

Juce doesn’t support font families and font styles properly. This is why those fonts aren’t working.

I have documented the problem quite thoroughly here:

As you can see from that post, I was able to fix the problem, though it requires a bit of an overhaul to the font system. I’ve sent my changes to Jules. He said he’ll only look at them after he pushes the next release of Juce, which will happen at an unknown point in the future.