Force GL context version

Looking at the code I think I know the answer to this but I want to ask nevertheless. Is there an option to tell Juce to enforce a particular GL context version / profile? This way I can make sure that I'll e.g. be using only functionality available in OpenGL up to 3.3, or any other version for that matter. This avoids accidentally using newer-version features in my program which will not be available on all target systems. Otherwise I would need to carefully check each GL call I use against the standards definitions, or test extensively which will be a bit cumbersome.

The OpenGLContext seems only to provide setOpenGLVersionRequired() (which I understand as minimum required) and differs only between "defaultGLVersion" and "openGL3_2". While typing this I found out that glbinding actually provides this nicely, you can include respective headers like functions32core.h which will give you all functions available in the 3.2 core profile in a gl32 namespace:

Maybe that's another thing you want to consider when thinking about switching to a loading library, maintaining this on your own is of course possible but takes quite some effort I suppose.

So I'm fine after all, just ignore me ;)