Formula: an IDE for developing inside your DAW

Hi there!
Soundspear released Formula, a free and open-source audio development tool as a VST/AU to live code, test and debug audio code inside a DAW. You can also use it in a standalone mode with a music file.

The concept is simple: you are writing C code that is compiled on the fly and routed to your DAW in multi-mono or stereo. The entry-point takes a float input sample and returns a float output sample. That code will be JIT-compiled & executed in real-time for each sample then streamed to the DAW.

If you want to learn more, there are 8 tutorials bundled with the application to get you started. 4 open-source effects have been bundled as well, 2 from Soundspear and 2 as courtesies from Airwindows.

Download & User manual: Soundspear - High end digital sound processing - VST - AU
Github repo: GitHub - soundspear/formula


This looks amazing. Very cool for quick prototyping. :heart_eyes:

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This looks interesting! Anyone using this, it looks similar too APE Janus Thorborg's audio portal

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