FR: Allow setting a custom binary extension

I’m working on a project that requires setting a custom extension for the plugin binary.

Unfortunately the Projucer disregards the extension I added in the binary name field of my exporter.

In Visual Studio, you would set the TargetExt XML element in the project. For the other toolchains and IDEs I really have no clue at the moment.

The idea is to have this automated within Projucer’s environment and sparing copy/pasting a script among projects to rename *.dll to the whatever needed extension.

For Xcode I think it will be the EXECUTABLE_EXTENSION setting which like just about any setting for Xcode can fairly easily be set in the Producer, but unfortunately that doesn’t solve the Windows issue for you.

I really need this feature… If I’m to whip something up for proposal, does this mean I have to now look at it in terms of both Projucer and cmake now? I don’t really have enough time or care to bother with the cmake side of things as Projucer does everything I need/want aside from this FR.

cmake already handle this natively.

set_target_properties(myproject PROPERTIES SUFFIX “.myext”)

You should definitely move to it IMHO

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Not to say that I’m opposed to using cmake, I just don’t feel the need to restructure my projects to support the JUCE cmake way right now to satisfy all of the things that need to be set (eg: app icons and whatnot) - the ROI is rather low. I just want to focus on development of my stuff.

If JUCE 6 were “drop Projucer, use cmake” then sure - I’d probably just spend the time to do it… but I don’t really care if I don’t have to.