[FR] AudioBuffer based Oversampler

Hi guys,

I’m currently using AudioBlocks and processContextReplace exclusively to use the dsp::Oversampler class. It works fine, but as soon as you need more busses, dealing with AudioBlocks leads to a lot of problems. Please, implement a version of the Oversampling class that works with AudioBuffers instead of AudioBlocks.


What kind of problems are you experiencing? We are using the AudioBlock and other dsp Module classes a lot, also in plugins with sidechain busses and I can‘t really imagine how something should not be possible with that class that is possible with the old AudioBuffer

Thank @PluginPenguin
I’ve explained what I’m experiencing here: Sidechain and ProcessContextReplacing

Basically, passing a buffer having the content of both the main and the aux busses is leading to some issues, especially when Input Monitoring is enabled on any DAW. No issues if we work on processBlock using the AudioBuffers instead of the Blocks, but we’d lose the oversampling.