[FR] LookAndFeel::getBorderSize (Label& label)

Labels have a default BorderSize<int> border { 1, 5, 1, 5 }.
This can be quite annoying, especially in resizable interfaces, where that can lead to small differences/glitches with smaller sizes.
So it would be great if we had an extra method in Label::LookAndFeelMethods that would allow us to easily remove/change the default border on all the labels at once.

it would be easy to add it without breaking anything. the default implementation in the base lookandfeel would just have to be :

BorderSize<int> LookAndFeel::getBorderSize (Label& label)
    return label.getBorderSize();

thanks tom!
seems you just missed a few calls to Label::getBorderSize() that need to be replaced with that getLabelBorderSize() method then: diff.txt (3,0 Ko)

Yes, I did. Thanks for picking that up!

I think it would make sense to add the same method for TextEditor too ?