FR: ParameterGroups for AudioUnits (and VST)

I just came across ParameterGroups, and they are supported in AudioUnits:

and in VST they also seem to be available, if I googled correctly (didn’t find it in the official docs though).

That makes a way cleaner interface for plugins with many parameters.

Could this be added to the AudioParameters? That would be fancy…



Yep - this is on our radar. The whole parameter system is due a bit of an overhaul, especially the AudioProcessorValueTreeState stuff. We’re not working on it at the moment, but it’s near the top of the pile.


That’s great news, thanks @t0m!

Would like to give it a slight bump :slight_smile:

This is near the top of the pile now!


auv3 parameters need a look :slight_smile: groups and non-normalized display

I’ve just started to look at this.

Is there an AUv3 host that displays parameter groups?

logic and garageband support them on auv2, don’t know about auv3. auval should say something? e.g.


2271 Global Scope Parameters:

Parameters for clump: 1
Full Clump Name: MASTER
Short (4 Chars limit) Clump Name: MASTER
Parameter ID:0
Name: Polyphony
Parameter Type:
Values: Minimum = Polyphonic, Default = Polyphonic, Maximum = Monophonic
Flags: Values Have Strings, Readable, Writable
-parameter PASS

Parameter ID:1

I’ve had a go at using AUParameterTree createGroupWithIdentifier. It seems to have worked in that it passes auval and the parameters have changed their order, but there’s no extra info available from auval, GB or Logic.

garage band does show parameter groups, but I may be doing something wrong in my implementation, since parameters that are not in a group are showing a little arrow next to them