FR: Support more image formats

This would greatly help with moving forward on supporting standard web and game image formats. As of this post, PNG, JPEG, and (sort of) GIF are supported by JUCE.

The following formats would be desirable:

Also, could you expose the DefaultImageFormats so users can add their own formats. Then ImageFileFormat::loadFrom will be able to use custom formats.


That’s one of the reasons I have my own ImageFormatManager. Not an ideal situation, for sure.

Can I extend this FR for tiff and 16 bit per colour image format?

In the project of my client, all is done on a bespoke image class, just because no 16-bit image exists. This would require a PixelARGB64 alongside PixelARGB (and unfortunately a Colour64 as well? IDK)

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I’ve done a BMPImageFormat if you need it.

I’m pretty sure I have TGA and TIFF code lying around. TGA I recall is pretty simple, but TIFF is giant & complicated.

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Oh sweet! Just finished looking at the code - nice job!

I have TGA code lying around, too. That is relatively straightforward, similarly to BMP. TIFF is definitely huge…