FR: Thread-Priority vs Efficiency/Performance Cores

@t0m @oli1 and other admins. I would be willing to sponsor a prioritized fast-forward on this feature. That is, in some shape or form; Get the current workgroup from AudioDeviceManager (or AudioDevice) and have Juce::Threads join this group.
Same topic here: MacOS Audio Thread Workgroups - #3 by blackhawkbravo1

I’d wait for a proper response from the juce team. but I believe the latest version now does support this, if you use the Juce::Thread construct with the correct priority settings, assuming you are a host (not a plugin), and running on macOS X. Having said that my app still uses my own code which I posted as I am using openMP under the hood, which creates and manages its own threads, as it made the multi threading much simpler.

It’s still in review. Apologies for the delay - we have been waiting for a response from Apple about AUv3, but if we don’t hear anything by the start of next week then we will continue without AUv3 support.