Freelance JUCE developer available

I'm a C++ programmer with a lot of experience and particular strength in iOS and OSX development.

I'm very fond of JUCE and would love to work on a project where it's used.

I've used JUCE for various projects since November 2008 :).

I have a long history of working with audio (mainly for voip/codecs/streaming), but also knowledge of music theory and general sound processing.

I specialize in building application prototypes for desktop and mobile or full blown applications from idea all the way to the App Store. 

I have 3 apps on the AppStore with my 4th currently on the way. 

PM me about your project or idea and we'll discuss it.


N&K Instruments is going to build a product unit to offer a range of unique plug-ins.

We are currently looking for a developer with experience in developing C++ audio applications with GUI using JUCE.

We prefer experience with AAX, VST and AU plugin formats on both Mac and Windows platforms.

If you are interesting please contacts us on this email address

We will talk about the details of the job and the project…