Freezing TimeStretch and WarpTime results

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As much as I love the setTimeStretchMode/SpeedRatio combo, I am finding it can quickly overload the CPU when enough clips are using it.

What’s a recommended strategy to effectively freeze the results of the TimeStretch or WarpTime calculations, understanding that the freeze will become invalid if the tempo changes?

I’m thinking about some kind of background task that quickly renders the clip baking in the effects of TimeStretch/WarpTime, then quickly swaps out the wavesource. Before diving into that I wanted to check for smarter ways of handling this.

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We don’t have anything to do this automatically at the moment. The best thing you could do is call setUsesProxy (true) once you know changes are finished to the clip, that might cause a small dropout in the audio though.

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Thank you @dave96 I’ll give that a try!