From Graphics object to Image object

I have a complex path that draw around 1000 times with at least three colours. It's CPU heavy. So, I think that if I can render this Path and convert it to a Image and then draw it multiple times, it should be much friendlier on the CPU.

The problem is, I cannot find the way to convert this Path/Graphics to an Image. And I cannot simply have a PNG in my HD, since this image is dynamic (you can zoom it, with different amounts of zooms in X/Y).

In summary, I want to change the zoom and other variables -> generate the Paths/Colours -> generate the Image model -> paint it multiple times.


Is there is a way to do this with Juce? How could I create the Image object from a Graphics object?

You create a new Image and a Graphics object that draws on that image and draw the Path on this Graphics object instead of the Graphics reference from the paint() method.


Adding to what chrisboy2000 said, create an Image object, instantiate a Graphics context using it, Graphics g(myImage), and then draw into that context the same as you would in the paint() method.

Great! I didn't see that Graphics constructor. Thank you :)