Fullscreen without taskbar

I am just starting with JUCE, and I have a problem when switching to fullscreen.

I use the HelloWorld sample, in the HelloWorldWindow/Component constructor I call

The component maximises, but the taskbar is still visible. Is there a way to get rid of the taskbar?

It sets it to fullscreen of the available window space. If you want to hide the taskbar (assuming windows) there are a few ways. You can get a handle to it using some nasty windows api calls (I have the code if you want) and tell it to show(false) and such. You can get a fullscreen device context (not simple to do), or use OpenGL (boy freakin heck would it be nice if juce could be rendered inside other systems, like as a gui in a 3d system like DX or OGL, are you abstracting it out enough that it would be possible sometime later?) to get a fullscreen, from the top of my head. I know there is another way I’ve used, can’t recall it right quick though.