General questions about JUCE

I am still new to JUCE and I can't get my head around basic stuff i guess. So I'm now hoping for help in the forum. Also I'm not a native englishspeaking person, so sometimes I'm missing the right words.

Basically I'm trying to build an application with a window with GUI controls and a second window in which I want to render some graphics with a certain framerate. Therefore I want to use the HighResolutionTimer.

I'm looking for a way to let the different components communicate with each other?

I find it quite hard to get a grasp of the possibillitys with JUCE for it is (from my perspective) not packed with that many tutorials and the "Getting started with JUCE" Book is more a waste of money.

So maybe someone can help me...


Thank you

I'm looking for a way to let the different components communicate with each other?

That's not really a JUCE question.. Knowing how to build an app where objects communicate with each other is just a general C++/development skill. JUCE provides a huge bag of classes you can use to do that, but there can never be a tutorial that tells everybody exactly what they need to do for their particular use-case.

(We will be adding more tutorials and examples in the near future, though!)

BTW HighResolutionTimer is not what you want for a graphics app as it uses threads - a normal Timer is more appropriate for GUI work.

Your post is like many others that we get from confused beginners, where you're asking huge, vague questions that nobody could possibly answer. My best advice is to ask smaller, more specific questions!

Thank you, I knew it would be something like this. I'm trying to get more precise in the future!

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