Generating OSX dSyms and still stripping symbols?

I’d like to generate a dSym file when building my Release build, but I’d also like to Strip Local Symbols to prevent nosy eyes. Is it possible to do both? Or are they mutually exclusive?

In my Release Build, I’ve got Strip Local Symbols CHECKED, and I’m using this in Custom Xcode flags:


My dSym is created, but when in the crash log I see my function names which I don’t want.

Any ideas?

From what I remember,
Crash reports could be symbolicated if it (crash reporter) finds the dSYMs in expected path.

My problem is that I can’t seem to:

  • Strip symbols


  • generate a dSym file

…at the same time.

Projucer should definitely have a Generate dSym file and dSym file Location option.

I’ve read every forum post on this subject and tried every option given but I can’t get this working. This seems to be voodoo. @jules ?

use command line strip in post build script ?

Would you like me to upload a simple jucer project with dsym working example?
usually you just need to look on A LOT of settings in Xcode :wink: to see which one you’re missing.

Thanks. I’d love to check it out.

What was the solution here?

Almost a year later… but here it is.
(still hunted by running Windows using Parallels on my 2015 MacBook 12 Retina… slooowww)