GenericAudioProcessorEditor broken

The following commit in Juce 6 breaks GenericAudioProcessorEditor for me on VS 2019/Windows 7 :

“Android: Fix a couple of accessibility-related crashes”

I get the following jassert in juce_Component.cpp, line 3322

jassertfalse; // createAccessibilityHandler must return non-null

I get the same assert running a Standalone build (Projucer-generated) of a plugin on macOS 12.3 with latest Juce6 develop. The backtrace tells me the problem comes from showing a TreeView right when the GUI opens. I guess the change adding this assert should be limited to Android where it appears to be needed.

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i see this too on macos - easy repro is to run the GainPluginDemo example (which crashes immediately for me).

This issue should be fixed on develop: