GenericAudioProcessorEditor value input

So I guess some of us use GenericAudioProcessorEditor during development.
One frustrating thing is the it is non-editable. clicks are only intercepts to set sliders. however being able to text-input during development is really valuable.

I’ve changed:

- setTextBoxIsEditable (false);
+ setTextBoxIsEditable (true);

It works quite well.

Would greatly appreciate:

  • Setting it to true always.
  • At least provide a setting on GenericAudioProcessorEditor (eg isTextEditable = false)
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Something useful for folks who use GenericAudioProcessorEditor currently and want the text boxes editable without changing JUCE, you can also do this:

AudioProcessorEditor* MyPluginAudioProcessor::createEditor()
    AudioProcessorEditor* result = new GenericAudioProcessorEditor (this);   
    for (auto& slider : ComponentTypeFinder<Slider> (result).instances)
        slider->setTextBoxIsEditable (true);
    return result;

Using the generally useful ComponentTypeFinder, attached here:

class ComponentWalker
    virtual ~ComponentWalker() {}

    // Walk recursively iterates over all of the component's child components and their child components.
    // Subclasses may override this, for example to setMouseDragSensitivity on all Sliders, etc.
    // Overriders should call ComponentWalker::walk when they wish to resume walking child components.
    virtual void walk (juce::Component*);

template<typename T>
class ComponentTypeFinder : public ComponentWalker
    juce::Array<T*> instances;

    ComponentTypeFinder (juce::Component* component = nullptr)
        if (component != nullptr)
            walk (component);

    void walk (juce::Component* component) override
        if (T* const instance = dynamic_cast<T*> (component))
            instances.add (instance);
        ComponentWalker::walk (component);

Cheers, Yair