Gestures on ios


I was wondering whether there is any way to get gesture events on iOS. For example when the user does a pinch gesture to zoom in or zoom out on a component. I thought I saw something about gesture recognition somewhere in the code, but maybe, I saw that on apple’s developer site…


Juce will let you get multiple mouse-clicks at once, so you can recognise the gesture manually, but I’ve not added anything yet to do it automatically.


Well, there are already gesture recognizers as part of iOS, and there is already a mouseWheel method in the Component class. What do you think about propagating the data from that one particular gesture – pinch – through the existing mouseWheel method? I would think this would be pretty useful on both iOS and android…


It’s one of those things that I’ll do at some point, but will need to do some research to figure out the best way to implement it…


I’d second that notion. Adding gestures to an iPad or iPhone app would seem to be sine quo non!

I wonder how hard it would be to abstract gestures so they could be more general, and run on other touch devices, like Android.