I made a VST3 plugin on Linux using JUCE6. In order to load it in a DAW, I need to specify UID because I’ve been told a VST3 plugin can include several plugins inside. However I’m not finding an easy way to know that the UID of my plugin is. I searched in the forums but I did not find the answer. Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance!

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Are you writing a DAW that needs to know this? I don’t see any reason a plugin needs to query that information itself. You say that “a VST3 plugin can include several plugins inside”, but does yours include several plugins within itself? Are you actually having a specific problem loading your plugin in a DAW, or just going by what you’ve been told by someone?

At the VST3 wrapper level, the JuceVST3Component class contains a static const FUID named iid, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re asking for or not, or why you need it, but it’s there, and can be queried via getControllerClassId().

Hi @HowardAntares, thanks for your reply.
The issue I had (I say had because I was able to fix it a few minutes ago!) was that I’m using a command line DAW which apparently needs to know the “uid” of a VST3 plugin in order to load it, and I was told by the developers of that DAW that VST3s could bundle several plugins with different uids. After a bit more research, I learned that this terminology (uid) has more to do with the DAW in question than with VST3 specification. It turns out there was an error in the folder structure of my generated VST3 (I’m on linux here) and the DAW could not load the plugin, but it was complaining about “uid” (among other things) and I thought I just needed to find the correct uid. Anyway, it has been fixed now and I don’t think the question really makes sense anymore. Thanks for the help!

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