getClippedLine doesn't work when affineTransform has a negative Y


I am currently trying to implement a function to Hise in order to get the intersection point of a path.
Everything is going well except that if I rescale the path with a negative Y value, getClippedLine doesn’t work anymore and spits out either a fix [0,0] or [width,height] instead of the coordinates I am expecting.

  • All other scaling values are working
  • Path is closed
  • It does this even with just 1 negative Y pixel when applying an affineTransform with the entire path still in the line interceptor range.
  • Hise is currently under Juce 6.1.3

Thank you

void ScriptingObjects::PathObject::scaleToFit(var x, var y, var width, var height, bool preserveProportions)
	applyTransform (getTransformToScaleToFit (x, y, w, h, preserveProportions));

var ScriptingObjects::PathObject::getIntersection(var start, var end, bool keepSectionOutsidePath)
	Point<float> p1 = ApiHelpers::getPointFromVar(start);
	Point<float> p2 = ApiHelpers::getPointFromVar(end);

	Line<float> l(p1.getX(), p1.getY(), p2.getX(), p2.getY());

	if (p.intersectsLine(l))
		Line<float> clippedLine = p.getClippedLine(l, keepSectionOutsidePath);

		Array<var> a;

		if (keepSectionOutsidePath)

		return var(a);

	return false;