getTailLengthSeconds() for synths

I’m returning to my project after not working on it for a while, and have updated Juce. It seems I now have to define getTailLengthSeconds() in my AudioProcessor, but juce_AudioProcessor.h is giving very little guidance about what I should return. My project is a synth (an SFZ player), not a “filter”. Is it okay to just return zero, or do I need to iterate through all the active voices and return the longest EG release time?

BTW, it’s a little annoying not to be able to have a HashMap<unsigned long, …> anymore (have to use int64).

Unless your synth has internal time-based effects, putting 0.0 seconds as the tail length is perfectly fine.

I encountered this same problem… Would be nice to have a uint32 version of the DefaultHashFunctions::generateHash, but it’s certainly possible to write your own.