Getting callback on MouseDrag when toolTip is set on


Hi Jules,
I have a component , where i have mouseEnter and mouseDrag overridden. If i set tooltip with some text on mouseEnter , while doing mouseDown i am getting callback on mouseDrag even when the mouse is not dragged…

Issue is , my component is draggable and will show some custom image as a drag image.
As it is coming to mousedrag on mousedown , it is showing the drag image without dragging… I can fix this issue by checking the drag distance on mouse drag … But want to know what is basically wrong …


Did you try the latest tip? I just fixed something like this a couple of days ago.

But regardless of that, you need to write your code to deal with mouse-drags properly. There’s no guarantee that no drag events will occur until the mouse moves - the OS may choose to send an event, or something in juce may trigger an event.

The correct way to handle it is to check MouseEvent::mouseWasClicked() to see decide whether the drag is just the mouse wobbling slightly during a normal click, or whether it’s actually a deliberate drag gesture.


No, can you send the link of that thread where you have posted the tips…

Anyway thanks for the giving the correct method to be used for handling such issues…


I meant the latest tip version - from GIT.