Getting information out of a non-debug version of a JUCE application

In working my way through part 2 of tutorial 3, I find that I need to output some debug information about a MIDI note in the processBlock function of an audio processor.

I've stumbled across the DBG macro and find that I can output most of the information I need, provided I run the debug version of the JUCE Plugin Host in Visual Studio.

However, what I really want to do is run the non-debug version of the JUCE Plugin Host, i.e. Plugin Host.exe, from a command line, and see the output produced by the tutorial 3 plugin in the command window.

Now, I appreciate that the DBG macro won't do that for me but I was surprised that neither cout nor cerr made it out. In saying that, I'm fully aware that it's probably taboo using cout and cerr in a function like processBlock, particularly as the context in which it runs is undefined. However, I half expected something to be output, even if the plugin crashed shortly thereafter.

This particular problem is an example of a more general issue.

What's the recommend procedure for getting information out of a non-debug version of a JUCE application?