Getting (Re)Started: Intro/Jucer?


I used JUCE for a project a while back (1.50) and was quite happy with the results, so I’m back now for more. I’ve downloaded the 1.52 .zip and was intrigued to find both the Wiki and the Introjucer.

Having spent quite a while tailoring my JUCE install and the Win32 example project so that I could link to the static library and not accidentally rebuild it every time I hit ‘rebuild’, and having got all the paths set up, I neglected to document what I’d done, and so was finding it difficult to get restarted with a new project. It looks like the Introjucer solves (most of) my setup issues - I think I’ve got a new project set up. (Though I was confused about why it had me locate JUCE and then didn’t fill in the paths itself, and I haven’t looked to see if there are compile #defines I need to switch on or off.)

What I’m having difficulty with now, though, is getting restarted with the Jucer. (The interface builder - it’s quite confusing that the Introjucer identifies itself as The Jucer in its title bar!). It doesn’t look like any of the .cpp files the Introjucer created can be opened using the Jucer, even though they say that they were created by the Jucer in their comments? My shell project builds and runs and opens a (blank) window - I thought that that window was something I could hook to in the Jucer, but maybe I’m misremembering?

Anyway, are there any ‘getting started’ documents anywhere that can point me in the right direction? That page of the Wiki is just a stub.


Oops! Didn’t notice that, will fix it!

Sorry, the wiki’s very new and I’ve not had time yet to work on the ‘getting started’ docs - if anyone wants to add placeholders for things that they’d like to see there, please get stuck in!