Git repo - which one to use?!

Hi Jules!

I’ve been using this as the Repo (last update - 3rd June 2013)

But see from that you now recommend one of these:


Are they all equivalent?

Which one should we use. :slight_smile:

Looking at the JUCE.git one, I see only two commits in the history … both on 9 Jul … which seems weird!

I’m perplexed! :wink:

Best wishes,


[code]$ git remote show origin

Sourceforge had a big change of their URL format and left the old URLs pointing at old zombie repositories…

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get rid of the old one - their management tools don’t seem to recognise its existence AFAICT.

If you use --depth=1, you’ll just get the last commit

Fab Jules, thanks for your patience - I didn’t realise that. Onwards and upwards. :slight_smile: