globalScalefactor & DragAndDropTarget area

*sorry poor english (by Google Translation jp->en)

If globalScaleFactor is set to something other than 1.0, it seems to me that DragAndDropTarget’s area determination is wrong.
Encountered on Windows / macOS, FileDragAndDroptarget class on JUCE6.1.5. The display is FulHD (1920x1080) and scaleFactor = 1.4.
isInterestedInFileDrag () is fired in another area where globalScaleFactor was 1.0.
I wondered if scaling either the mousepos or Component regions locally would fix it instantly, but it didn’t work. Please tell me how to fix it.

Thanks for reporting this problem. I believe this was a bug in JUCE. I’ve added a fix for the issue here:

Please try updating and let us know if you discover any new problems.

I checked it.
As far as I can use it, it seems to work for globalScaleFactor.
Thank you very much.

build VS2017/win32 → Win10(21H2)(i386/x86_64) … working OK
build Xcode13/universal → Big sur(intel/M1)ok, monterey(M1) … working OK
monterey(intel)/Win11/Linux: don’t check. sorry