GLSL seems broken on Ubuntu 18.04

It seems this change broke GLSL (via juce::OpenGLShaderProgram) on Ubuntu 18.04. AFAICS that OS only supports GLSL version 1.30; since the above change, the version is always specified as 1.50, where before it was left unspecified when JUCE_OPENGL3 was left undefined.

I guess it makes sense to make this an overrideable setting? (and, maybe also lower the default; Ubuntu 18.04 is still in common use).

p.s. the comment above the linked diff also seems out of date.


Thanks for reporting this issue. I installed a copy of Ubuntu 18.04 in a VM and wasn’t able to repro the issue (the OpenGLDemo reports a GLSL version of 3.30), so I guess this depends on the hardware/driver being used.

Would you be able to test out this patch on your machine and check if it resolves the problem? Thanks!

opengl.patch (4.8 KB)


After applying the patch, there’s now a more subtle error: OpenGLShaderProgram::getLanguageVersion() returns 1.3 which is less than 1.5, which means OpenGLHelpers::getGLSLVersionString() returns an empty string so no #version prefix gets prepended to shader code, which means the implicit version is 1.1; at the same time, since 1.3 is more than 1.2, the string conversions in the OpenGLHelpers::translateXXXShaderToV3() functions take place, resulting in GLSL code which is incompatible with version 1.1 and error messages such as

error: 'in' qualifier in declaration of 'position' only valid for function parameters in GLSL 1.10

Thanks for letting me know. Were you previously enabling JUCE_OPENGL3=1 on this platform? In that case, it looks like we would have run into a similar problem, unless I’m missing something.

I found a way to force my VM to use a GL 3.1 / GLSL 1.4 context, and the following patch seems to work there, and also on my mac using both a 2.1 and a 4.1 context. Could you try this one out on your machine please?

opengl.patch (7.2 KB)

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I was not.

Works OK with this patch. Thanks!

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Thanks for trying that out, the change is now on develop: