Going to be coding LIVE a synth from ZERO using JUCE and C++

Going to be coding LIVE a synth from ZERO using JUCE and C++. Here’s the release of the product with information on how I will be coding it LIVE.

Announcing Wusik ZR Synth

Now, what is Wusik ZR? A Wavetable engine with Hyper Oversampling Code using SSE/AVX. This will be coded LIVE on my Twitch account but you can also watch it on Youtube later on (all previous episodes will be there). I won’t make this open-source, but you will be able to see how I create a synth using JUCE and C++ from ZERO. I won’t copy and paste anything. I may reuse some DSP ideas, but not the code. The whole audio processing code will be done with a single file, using SSE and AVX code (depending on what the target machine supports).

Wusik ZR Specs

  • Wavetable Engine with predefined sounds (128 selectable waves);
  • Mono or Poly (64 voices total);
  • Any number of extra voices, such as play one note and have multiple voices playing with different tune/fine/waveform/volume;
  • ADSR envelope with clip output and velocity settings;
  • Sequencer that changes the wavetable in real-time, like a Wavesequencer;
  • Coded live in 2 weeks (*).

Final Price $ 79.95 USD
FREE with any purchase during the summer deals.

First LIVE video on June 15th, 14:00 (UTC -03:00 Brasilia)

All Videos will be archived on my Youtube Channel

Once Wusik ZR is out (around the first week of July), I will start working on Wusik D Looper and later on Wusik Station V10.

(*) May take another week of testing to be done with users before I can release it officially.

Cheers, WilliamK


Going live in a few minutes. :wink:

Here’s the updated code for Wusik ZR, won’t be releasing everything, just this startup. :wink:

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