Grace 2.0.2 with SndLib Audio Instruments

The latest version of Grace contains audio support using SndLib with the complete CCRMA/CLM audio instrument distribution (William Schottstaedt) built into the app, and a special browser that lets you load, edit and test all the synthesis instruments out.

binary downloads for Osx an Linux and a pretty snapshot of the instrument browser are available here:

both mac and linux binaries are working but since i dont know how to
get audio ports to show up on linux /juce i cant test actual sound

the browser is an interactive version of the old “ins” file from the
CLM3 distribution , it contains the same basic information (instrument,
file, category, comment) but lets you actually do things to the
listing: load the instruments, open examples, or edit the instrument

the browser is accessible from two menus: Audio>SndLib>Instruments,
and Help>Example>Instruments

keyboard shortcuts for selected row in instrument browser:

1 press Return to load the instrument into scheme
2 double click row to load the instrument AND open any examples in
the editor. the “Open Examples” button is only active if there is an
example associated with the ins

Table columns are sortable so if you click on the Category header you
can view the instruments sorted according to what type of synthesis
they implements (ie waveshaping, fm, granular, sound processing, etc)

The CLM instruments are held in an embedded zip archive and the
browser creates its content from an embedded XML doc (res/ins/
table.xml) which makes it very easy to add other instruments /
examples to the distro at compile time. see cm/readme.text for more
information about this.

Ive hacked a few small example files for fm-violin, expandn, jcvoi,
wave, fm, and will add some for fullmix next week. Some of the
examples ive got are simpy taken from the commented tests at the end
of some of the instruments, which typically arent very interesting. I
plan to add more examples to the clm distro over the next few weeks.
i would welcome receiving any small examples people have collected
over the year for the CLM instruments!

im impressed with how fast bills interpreted instruments run, for some
stuff i dont notice much difference with clm3.

Other fixes:

The editor now automatically turns off colorization for large files so
that these load quickly now. I also rewrote emacs sexpr motion in lisp
buffers to speed up motion in large files but i would still avoid
emacs commands for really large one. I guess I have to move off the juce’s texteditor but this is alot of work.

Ive initialized the default audio format in Grace to WAV for all
os’es, you can of course set these to whatever you wan (the internal
player cant handle .snd format yet.)

Next Up:

Add a real transport widget to the audio playback window (taken from the Juce Audio Demo) with start/end times slider, and a graphic waveform display of playback as it happens.

Add NeXT audio format to audio player, make audio format a preference.

Rick Taube
Assoc. Professor, Composition
Chair, Composition-Theory Division
School of Music, University of Illinois
1114 W. Nevada, Urbana, IL 61801 USA
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