Graph-based user interface


I wanted to ask how you would implement a specific gui I have in mind. The gui is part of a modular synthesizer which will be the topic for my bachelor thesis. I know how I would implement something like this in Qt but I am totlay new to JUCE so I don't even know where to start. ;D

The user interfacee is going to be more or less like the interface used in Pure Data / Max. Every audio-processing element is represtented by an element in a 2D plane which can be freely moved. These objects can then be connected to create a signal path. The elements alsou could contain dials, lables and other GUI elements. 

Qt contains Graphics Views which already deal with movable objecets, zooming etc.. Does JUCE also has some classes like these or what does the process of creating custom GUIs with JUCE look like?

Thanks in advance!

Look at the plugin host demo that ships with Juce. Most of the work is already done for you.