Graphic/ux designer wanted for audio software and plugins


As in the title - we’ve got a lot of things on the go and need graphic design support.

The software design is generally flat and graphics are normally drawn using juce function calls. So we don’t need shit tons of 3d fancy PNGs. Just a solid clean graphic designer who can handle a few days here and there a month!

cheers! Jim.

UK friendly timezone a bonus :slight_smile:


hello, you use png buttons and knobs it seems to me? you need someone on the spot or remotely?


remotely is fine as long as there’s plenty of communication!


for my part I have a full-time job and I’m just a hobbyist I’d love to but I’ve never done that


I could use help with graphics on occasion also. Perhaps we could have a thread or forum where graphic designers (seeking work) could share a sample of their portfolios, and give an indication of their rates?


hi Jim, I’m a UX designer out of the states with 10+ years exp. I’m looking to transition full time DAW/DSP/PLUGIN UX. So I’m looking to bulk up my portfolio in this arena. You can see some of my work examples here. Because I’m looking to improve my portfolio, I’d be willing to give some great rates. Let me know if you’re interested in talking.