Greyed out PopupMenu commands


I’ve started investigated the ApplicationCommandManager and associated classes . I’ve successfully added the menu, menu items and written the code for ApplicationCommandTarget, yet the menu items are greyed out and cannot seems to be activated, even with result.setActive (true); in getCommandInfo. What problems could be causing the items to be so stoically inactive?

Happy to post code, but because there’s so many bits relating to the item I though it best to be asked to specify which parts are relevant to the query.

Thank you.

if the command manager can’t find the target, the items that target is responsible for will be grayed out.

Indeed, I have registered the commands as per the demo:

commandManager.registerAllCommandsForTarget (&guiReceiver);

…and set in the CommandInfo:

switch (commandID)
case GUIReceiver::undo:
result.setInfo (“Undo”, “Reverses the previous action”, generalCategory, 0);
result.setActive (true);
result.addDefaultKeypress (‘Z’, ModifierKeys::commandModifier);

…and have followed all the steps outlined in the ApplicationCommand Manager class guideline. Is there any way to check if or not / why the CommandManager is not finding the target?

did you set a default command manager?

I did. At the top of the .cpp: (part missing due to blockquote)

static ScopedPointer applicationCommandManager;

…as a class member:

ApplicationCommandManager& MainContentComponent::getApplicationCommandManager()
if (applicationCommandManager == nullptr)
applicationCommandManager = new ApplicationCommandManager();
return *applicationCommandManager;