Gtk include paths problem with JUCE

Hi all,

When using CMake, there seems to be a problem with the include paths set by JUCE regarding gtk libraries. I was suspecting something was wrong because of weird errors in my project, so I created a fresh CMake bare plugin project from the examples folder of the JUCE repo and just added
#include <gtk/gtkx.h> in the PluginProcessor.h file and I get a No such file or directory related to that header.
If I remove the include the plugin builds fine and the dependencies are found when configuring the project. In practice here seems to be a weird behavior appearing inside of JUCE projects where gtk headers are not found with #include <gtk/...> but are found with #include <gtk-3.0/gtk/...> (though this is not a workaround as it fails afterwards, given that the gtk headers themselves contain other includes). I don’t have that issue in other projects unrelated to JUCE that use pkg_config.

Any hints? I don’t know if it’s specifically related to CMake or if it also happens with the Projucer.
Thanks in advance.