GUI Application running as a console app


For debugging purposes on Windows, it is sometimes handy to build a GUI app then set as a console (non-GUI) app for capturing misc output. However when I export that same project for Mac using the Projucer it only compiles a command line app and doesn’t bring up the GUI. Anyone else experience this?


On macOS a GUI app can write to the console without any particular tweaks. So use a standard GUI Application on macOS and keep your workaround for Windows and you should be happy.

I hope this helps.

Yeh, I’m aware of that but thanks McMartin! The problem is we want to use the same jucer for both the Mac and Windows platform and you can only apply that setting at jucer project level (rather than Visual Studio or Xcode exporter level).

In any case, I just duplicated the JUCER to have one for the Mac and one for the Windows. Not ideal but not the worst workaround either.

If the goal is to output some text to console while the app is running, why not use the methods of the Logger class?

We were directing some text to the newly generated console, and the rest to the console in VS. It’s fine as I said I just created two JUCERs, one for VS and one for Xcode.