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I study at the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University. As a master’s thesis, I am making an audio plugin and I need a GUI editor to execute it. Can I access it with a student license?

If you mean “can I create a plugin with a GUI, with JUCE’s “Personal (free)” license”, the answer is YES.

And here’s some free stuff for making an interface. :slight_smile:

You really don’t want to use the JUCE GUI Editor. There are many threads on here about how this is basically considered deprecated. I tried it once recently and it fills your code with all sorts of strange stuff that is very difficult to modify and keep straight. You are much better off learning to create interfaces the way all of the tutorials show. Good luck!

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Hmmm… and so opinions differ :wink:

I’ve always used the GUI Editor and found it really nice to work with when laying out GUIs, even multi-component GUI’s. It’s especially good to quickly draw the basic structure of your components, then combining them together (you can use your own custom components in there too) and get some code skeleton to start working with quickly.

The only thing to be aware of, is that the Projucer GUI editor will generate code for you, which contains sections you should not touch. But this is clearly indicated by marked sections in the code, and there are plenty of places where you can of course still add your own code or further tweak the GUI widgets.

I think @jules did a good job with the GUI editor.
If the existing one gets deprecated, I’ll actually really miss it, and I hope another GUI editor gets added then (there’s been some talk about it in the past, so I’m still hoping it will eventually happen, maybe for JUCE 6 in 2020?).

(Sorry to bring up an old thread)

I just wanted to add that I too, quite like the Projucer’s GUI editor.
I use it more from the perspective of a researcher who just wants to get a basic GUI up and running and focus more on the algorithm-side of things. Being able to throw together a working (and reasonably good looking - by default) GUI in no time at all, was (and still is) a big motivator for me using JUCE in the first-place, and I would be sad to see it go.

Unfortunately, after cloning the latest juce6 branch, it does seem that this feature has indeed been removed. At least at this time. Although, in the JUCE6 announcement they did mention: “those who use the Projucer to manage project files across multiple platforms can look forward to a much improved experience”
So perhaps they actually are working on a (stand-alone?) GUI editor?

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In the “Tools” main menu, there is now an option “GUI editor enabled” which reactivates the GUI editor feature.




(Although, the new GUI editor apparently deletes all existing subcomponents. So I guess there are some teething problems there)