GUI freezing after adding component to desktop

latterly i have this problem with a plugin (but I’m not sure if its plugin-specific), after adding a component to desktop.
The message-thread isn’t blocked (idle-callback goes through!) but it only does repainting all the time.
The GUI is de facto freezed. Everytime i stop the debugger, its deep in the redraw-routines, but there shouldn’t be nothing to redraw.
Its definiatly a new issue. Is there something new, you’ve changed, that may cause this issue?

Stack Trace:

juce::RenderingHelpers::EdgeTableFillers::SolidColour<juce::PixelARGB,0>::incDestPixelPointer(juce::PixelARGB * & p=0x06f082d0) Line 651 + 0x1 bytes C++ juce::RenderingHelpers::EdgeTableFillers::SolidColour<juce::PixelARGB,0>::replaceLine(juce::PixelARGB * dest=0x06f082d0, const juce::PixelARGB & colour={...}, int width=451) Line 737 C++ juce::RenderingHelpers::EdgeTableFillers::SolidColour<juce::PixelARGB,0>::handleEdgeTableLineFull(const int x=0, const int width=790) Line 632 C++ juce::RenderingHelpers::ClipRegions::RectangleListRegion::SubRectangleIterator::iterate<juce::RenderingHelpers::EdgeTableFillers::SolidColour<juce::PixelARGB,0> >(juce::RenderingHelpers::EdgeTableFillers::SolidColour<juce::PixelARGB,0> & r={...}) Line 2011 C++ juce::RenderingHelpers::EdgeTableFillers::renderSolidFill<juce::RenderingHelpers::ClipRegions::RectangleListRegion::SubRectangleIterator,juce::PixelARGB>(juce::RenderingHelpers::ClipRegions::RectangleListRegion::SubRectangleIterator & iter={...}, const juce::Image::BitmapData & destData={...}, const juce::PixelARGB & fillColour={...}, const bool replaceContents=false, juce::PixelARGB * __formal=0x00000000) Line 1601 C++ juce::RenderingHelpers::ClipRegions::RectangleListRegion::fillRectWithColour(juce::Image::BitmapData & destData={...}, const juce::Rectangle<int> & area={...}, const juce::PixelARGB & colour={...}, bool replaceContents=false) Line 1912 + 0x18 bytes C++ juce::RenderingHelpers::SoftwareRendererSavedState::fillRect(const juce::Rectangle<int> & r={...}, const bool replaceContents=false) Line 2300 + 0x8f bytes C++ juce::LowLevelGraphicsSoftwareRenderer::fillRect(const juce::Rectangle<int> & r={...}, const bool replaceExistingContents=false) Line 95 C++ juce::Graphics::fillAll(const juce::Colour & colourToUse={...}) Line 380 C++ CKDialogContentComponent<juce::Component>::paint(juce::Graphics & g={...}) Line 163 C++ juce::Component::paintComponentAndChildren(juce::Graphics & g={...}) Line 1849 C++ juce::Component::paintEntireComponent(juce::Graphics & g={...}, const bool ignoreAlphaLevel=true) Line 1943 C++ juce::ComponentPeer::handlePaint(juce::LowLevelGraphicsContext & contextToPaintTo={...}) Line 133 C++ juce::HWNDComponentPeer::handlePaintMessage() Line 1507 C++ juce::HWNDComponentPeer::performAnyPendingRepaintsNow() Line 853 C++ JuceVSTWrapper::doIdleCallback() Line 1032 + 0x1c bytes C++ JuceVSTWrapper::dispatcher(int opCode=19, int index=0, int value=0, void * ptr=0x00000000, float opt=0.00000000) Line 1116 C++ AudioEffect::dispatchEffectClass(AEffect * e=0x053c9800, int opCode=19, int index=0, int value=0, void * ptr=0x00000000, float opt=0.00000000) Line 33 C++

specs Windows 8 64bit, VS2008, SDK 7.1, 32bit app

(edit…removed this post… because was not true)

edit… removed

Couldn’t reproduce the problem with a release build so far, maybe some kind of special windows 8 VS IDE-Window struggle…mmhh (but its definitively not a kind of IDE vs app-window masking, while asserting…) the thing that makes me nervous, that it happens only once in a while…

…to make it a little bit clear, before the window is opening (its a error message), the app is asserting, so that IDE-Window goes to the front, but after that, no additional asserting is going happen, and there is also no breakpoint or other kind of things that would bring the IDE to the front, the app just “freezes”.

its just a non-modal component that will be added to the desktop

Sorry, can’t think of anything relevant…