GUI really slow on VST3 Cakewalk on Windows


I am finding that my VST3 versions are really slow in Hosts like Cakewalk. It takes seconds to load and in some cases, gui changes happen seconds later. Has anyone else experienced this?
I read a previous post about typeface loading causing some issues, however, my plugin has no custom fonts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll first try JUCE wonderful JUCE_ENABLE_REPAINT_DEBUGGING and see if you’re doing a lot of things before doing ‘tricks’ that could reduce the symptom but not find the cause.
(Debugging Tool: Paint Rectangle Around Components)

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Thanks @ttg

I will give that a try to optimise further. I was able to resolve most of my issue by removing a heap of repaint() calls which I had in my custom look and feel implementations.