GUI relevant Classes


im trying to create a custom GUI with the JUCE library. I informed myself using other forum posts in which is suggested to overwrite the draw methods in the LookAndFeel Class. So i was looking at the juce class list and saw that every slider, button and so on has its own LookAndFeelMethods from which LookAndFeel is inheriting. This means you can overwrite the draw methods specified in the LookAndFeel so that the methods called from the LookAndFeelMethods struct will use these. So far so good.

To create my Plugin im using the Juce Demo Plugin as reference. There the components of the GUI are added in the AudioProcessorEditor with the addAndMakeVisible method. I tryed to figure out where the paint methods of the components are getting called but i didn´t find the scource.

Can anyone help me and tell me where and how the Components are actually drawn and which classes are necessary for this process.

For help and hints im more than thankful.

I don't really understand what you mean in asking "where" the paint methods are called from.. From your point of view it doesn't matter what calls them, they just get magically called when needed (?)

I just tried to get a better understanding of whats really happening when a component gets drawn so i can  plan how i best implement my custom GUI.

Well, your question is too broad to be able to answer, but maybe ask something more specific? But TBH just using your debugger to see what happens is probably the best thing to do if you think you need a deep knowledge of the mechanisms involved.