Handle changed available devices

Hello there,
I really enjoy using juce so far while I´m still in the process of learning it.
But I see progress :slight_smile:

Is there a possibility to handle (rebuild ones devices lists, error handling…) the case when the available devices changed (unplugged, replugged…)?
Is there some sort of handler function for this scenario?
In my case this concerns Midi devices but would also be interesting for audio.

I already searched the forums and docs, but couldn´t find anything!

Thanks in advance,

Haven’t got anything to do that at the moment. On the mac it’s probably not a huge amount of work, but on windows I don’t know if it’s even possible… Certainly isn’t possible for some types of driver, e.g. ASIO.

ok, thanks anyway for the quick reply!
I made a button that says “Refresh Devices Lists”, should be fine for the moment :slight_smile: