Handling closed audio device while application is running


I’m using LoopBack to simulate audio input to an app. However, if I close LoopBack / disable the device while the app is running, it hits the assertion at the top AudioProcessorPlayer::audioDeviceIOCallback, and in Release mode will cause a crash. I noticed that Ableton Live does not exhibit this behaviour - it simply sets the current device to “No device”. Is there a way to get a JUCE application to handle the situation gracefully like Live does?


This looks like a JUCE bug. On which OS is this? What are you using to get the LoopBack device?


This is on OS X. I’m using AudioDeviceSetup / AudioDeviceManager if thats what you mean?


How are you getting a loop back device?


I’m using https://rogueamoeba.com/loopback/


OK I think this should be fixed on develop now.


Happy to report this is indeed fixed, thanks