Handling of fxb files - Relation VSTPluginInstance/Audiopr.?

Hey there,

I found the following functions within the VSTPluginInstance class:

Now… is there any way to use them without hackery? I looked through the class relations but
do not really see an easy way.

It seems to me like there are two different trees:

  1. JuceVSTWrapper -> AudioProcessor
  2. AudioPluginFormat -> VSTPluginFormat / VSTPluginInstance -> AudioPluginInstance (while an AudioPluginInstance is an AudioProcessor)

I’m obviously using the AudioProcessor in my VST/RTAS plugin - so the functions I need are within the other tree. What to do? I could modify the wrapper but that can not had been the intention, can it? What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t really understand what you’re actually trying to do…?

Ah, sorry - I’m trying to write preset data into fxb files and read from them.

Within a plugin? That’s kind of the host’s job, isn’t it?