Hard coded color in BurgerMenuComponent

There’s a hard coded color value in BurgerMenuComponent::paintListBoxItem in JUCE 6

if (row.isMenuHeader)
    lf.drawPopupMenuSectionHeader (g, r.reduced (20, 0), row.item.text);
    g.setColour (Colours::grey);
    g.fillRect (r.withHeight (1));

This makes the use of LookAndFeel kind of pointless. Now i need to subclass and override the entire painting to get rid of those grey separator lines or rather render them with the correct color.

Thankfully that is possible, but i feel kind of weird finding this stuff from JUCE. Also it feels very awkward to go through the whole look and feel overrides and configuration, ending up implementing 100% custom painting anyways. The look and feel design doesn’t work unless its properly supported by the stock components. Could something be done to this please?

Actually no… we would need private member variables from BurgerMenuComponent in order to do that.