Hardware Configuration Audiovisual Workstation

Looking for a pc config for programming an Unity app with a juce plugin I would appreciate some hints and discussion about critical components. For multicore processing I have the question what counts more: core speed or core count. As it is diffcult to discuss this without a concrete usecase I give an example usecase. The main focus is the audio with 38 threads each handling fft analysis (2048 window size, 2 overlap) for a separate audio channel. Additionally comes 3D visualization distributed over the available cores by the job system in Unity: draw 38 standing waveforms based on the audio (no lighting/shading, special effects etc) with 200 vertices per waveform x 20 time states equals 4K vertices per waveform per frame.
Is a minimum clock speed of a cpu core recommendable. Would 18 cores of 2.3 - 4.6 GHz be enough or is it advisable to have at least 3.0 GHz speed minimum?
And unfortunately I need a remote control leading me to Intel Xeon processors supporting AVM with reliable Keyboard Video Mouse remote control.

You might want to look into GPU compute for your FFT analysis.

You’re definitely going to need to utilise GPU rendering for your waveforms.

CPU clock speeds are not a reliable performance metric anymore. That being said, you should profile your CPU workload on various machines to see what actually makes the most difference before you go all in on massive core count Xeons etc.

Do you need real-time audio feedback or is it mostly visual representation of the incoming audio?

Thanks Oli1. Yes I work with realtime feedback. for each audio channel I do filtering based on the analysis data from the fft´s.

To test before buying is always the best option. I could make some test purchases and then return them after a few days of testing after development of a test framework.

GPU: I will start with my old gtx1080 and then see how long this can do.