Has AudioParameterValueTreeState been deprecated?

In several places I’ve seen AudioParameterValueTreeState mentioned.

I’ve not found it in the documentation. I’m using JUCE 6.

Has it been deprecated? Does anyone have a code snippet of it being used?

Are you sure you are not looking for AudioProcessorValueTreeState?

That was my original thought.

I first came across it in this thread Slider setRange problem and here Are legacy parameter methods going to be deprecated?

I thought there may have been a typo, but I’ve seen it in other pages as well; but have never seen an actual example of it being used.

Maybe the AudioProcessorValueTreeState was temporarily named AudioParameterValueTreeState back when it was introduced into Juce? But a class by that name definitely no longer exists.

Thanks for that. It looks like I was hunting for Snipes :blush:

JUCE 6 aims to make it easier to work without the APVTS thanks to the new ParameterAttachment class for instance.
But we still got the choice to work with or without.

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Good to know. I wasn’t aware of this option. I’ll start “Playing” with it.

Im doing a refactor Ive my plugins now including a move to Juce 6.

is ParameterAttachment the preferred approach?
I pressume with this, I simply created the parameters in the processor, associated UI components via ParameterAttachment… and this takes care of threading (i.e. parameters being updated on the audio thread)