Heap corruption in Visual Studio

Hi, what’s the best tool for tracking this these days?

I usually do all this kind of stuff in XCode as it’s easy to turn on the options and get quick results, but I have an issue that’s only appearing on Windows.

There don’t seem to be any obvious built in tools for this these days…

Any suggestions? thx

you might try the /RTC1 option and the Address Sanitizer (maybe only useful with a Standalone-build, because lots of noise when used with a host+plugin constellation). Be sure to setup all projects in the solution (shared, plugin formats, standalone etc…)


thx for the suggestions. i’ll check them out - unfortunately, only reproducable environment is windows vst3 in cubase

i’ll give these a go anyhow, phaps they’ll pick something up in the standalone also.

address sanitizer on windows picked it up - thx - xcode missed it!

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