HeapBlock and over-aligned memory

Hi guys,

I'm using FFTS, an FFT library that requires memory to be over-aligned with _aligned_malloc. I'd like to use HeapBlock with this so I don't need to keep track of the things. Is this as simple as subclassing HeapBlock and overriding any mallocy methods with _aligned_mallocy ones?




In fact I might just tweak the HeapBlock code to add an alignment thingy.

Fyi - see http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/alignment-audiosamplebuffers

BTW I saw you posting issues on GitHub about ffts. Did you get it playing nicely in MSVC using that other repo?  And have you considered gift wrapping ffts as a juce module :)

*laughs* Gift Wrapping :) 

I'm waiting for the horses-mouth installation tool myself...