Hello everybody. Drawing a one pixel line 2019

I saw some issues from 2016 talking about 125% desktop scaling on Windows 10 (which is very common) for trying to draw a single pixel line. I have been dealing with this issue with several UIs which are not very line dependent, but sometimes you really need a one pixel line for example for drawing a grid. What is the suggested way to draw a single pixel line using JUCE in 2019? Is there a way to draw a single line snapped to the hardware grid?

I think you wanted to answer there, but created a new thread instead :slight_smile:

And the answer will still be the same: drawing a single-pixel line in a high-level kit is an exercise in futility, especially if you’re doing it in a plugin where you don’t have much say in the window you’re handed. We can’t even get a straight answer on what the DPI is in some hosts.