Hello, Juce is excellent so far, wanted to alert you to a dicrepancy in the AudioSynthesiser demo

wow… I am really surprise at how this conversations can escalate. @Vascillious. which piece of software are you referring to in your statement, that the software I’m complaining about Doesn’t allow the user to pick how they want it named. You first post refers to some example code that comes with JUCE, how do you envision this demo app influencing real shipping software? The A4 in a UI is just text. The software can determine which midi note is used, which is what people have mentioned over and over. Maybe you could offer up a short summary of what you talking about, because I am confused.

I don’t care what the midi standard says. It isn’t authoritative. Midi instruments can do anything they want. I own a piano. There’s no argument over A4=440Hz and since the only people who want to argue about it are makers of electronic keyboards or their representatives, as far as I’m concerned, the conversation is closed.

But, WHAT IS THE CONVERSATION you are having? I think you have not been satisfied with an answer, because it is the actual topic has gotten lost… again, is there a summary of what you are saying, and has that summary changed from any of the information already shared?

Thanks for asking cpr2323. Yes, you’re right, the original conversation did get diverted from where it began, but it’s OK. I just don’t use the software I asked the question about any more so it’s since become a non-issue, but thanks for stepping in and trying to restore sanity to discussion.

Excellent to hear! We have such a supportive community here, it’s always sad to see things digress. Happy Jucing! :slight_smile:

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No one has agreed to this octave designation. it is not standardized. That is why we are suggesting you allow the user to designate the octave themselves. They may prefer A3 = 440hz. they may prefer A5 = 440hz. There is no standard. The only thing that is standardized is that A above middle C = 440hz. No octave designation.

ISO 16. 1955.

I mentioned it 2 years ago, but it might have been drowned:

Calling this with your preferred octave number rectifies the numberings.

We are programmers after all… :wink:

there is NO octave designation when defining that treble clef A = 440hz. Let the users choose it!!

Is there any way to block users on the forum? matkatmusic is just making a nuisance of himself and not helping.

You can click on Preferences -> Notifications -> Users.

Although I think it is true for all of us here, that we gave that topic way too much attention and it is time to move on…

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I am not causing trouble. I am correcting your assumption that A4 should be 440hz. According to the ISO, there is no octave designation standard which explicitly states that A4 should be 440hz. It only states that A in the treble clef should be 440hz.

You keep insisting that it should be called A4 and that it is standardized and universally accepted that A4 is 440hz. Yet, we have shown you several times that it is not universally accepted, and the ISO even concurs with this lack of standardization.

I am not interested in the argument you have with this. Please go away. You’re wasting everybody’s time and you’re being a nuisance.

Meanwhile, why don’t you type “musical note frequency charts” into Google, and click “images”?

Please let’s keep this a friendly place.

And we all made our points clear. Please only post any further if you have anything to add, that wasn’t said before, otherwise this will go on for ever and people will become angry for no reason.

It’s your argument! you are the one who wants the octave designation changed to match a non-existent standard.

You’re the one who keeps coming back to ague about it. It’s a widely enough accepted standard that I am more than happy to stick with it and recommend others do the same.

Type “musical note frequency chart” into Google and click “images”, you will see I am not alone in being happy with that standard.

Thank you. Please do not reply to this thread any more. It has extended ad nauseam as it is, and everybody is bored of it. Goodbye.

@Vascillious if you are not interested in the discussion anymore, then don’t participate. @matkatmusic has every right to post in this thread.

It’s the thread I began and I am not interested in hearing his contributions to it any more.